Hi, I'm Sinai Wright, Hispanic-American artist who focuses on illustration using watercolor and ink. I'm currently in San Diego, California where I dedicate myself to improve and inspire others with my art. 

My art consists mostly of girls with flowing hair surrounded by natural elements. You may ask why I draw mostly girls; well, as I woman I like to not just represent girls' beauty with nature but I also want to portray their strong personality. Girls are not just delicate and beautiful like flowers. Each girl has a unique and amazing set  of personalities and talents that makes them who they are. 

Art for me has become a way to express my own self, my opinions, my ideas, and my values. That's the reason why I convey femininity and strength through my art.

When I'm not drawing I like to spend quality time with my friends and family or read a good book/comic. 

Photo by Kat Valera 
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